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 I have been involved in art for as long as I can remember. I had always loved to paint and draw. With the advent of the digital age, I was able to open up a new vision for myself and explore interesting new worlds with regard to the digital medium. I fell in love with rendering software such as Universe for space scenes, Terragen for landscapes, Bryce Meta Tools for all sorts of cool 3D objects, and of course Photoshop to blend them all together. With these tools, not only could I explore new worlds, I could invent and create them with photo-realistic clarity.

My love of cars drove me to start a web site called; "I Love My Car". I developed a process for taking a photograph of a car and turning it into frameable art, (sometimes with a brand new, digitaly created background) that took on the appearance of a painting, a one of a kind work that was as unique to the owner of the car as the car itself. I could be found on most Summer weekends at race tracks, cruise-ins, car shows and car swap meets with my book of examples taking orders. Several car clubs ended up showing off my unique rendering of their car at car shows as part of their display. One client in particular ended up with my work stitched onto the back of a jacket.

I expanded that process on a site called "Photart" to include anything the customer could think of. Since then I have created art of motorcycles, beloved pets, prized livestock, company icons, family farms, new homes, family portraits, fishing and hunting catches, boats and other recreational toys. My favorite, mostly for it's sentimental value, was of a woman's grandfather on an antique tractor who had passed on several years earlier. It was done from her favorite photograph of him. Now, it hangs as a work of art in her living room. Pieces like these really make an awesome, inexpensive gift.

Aside from the photo art, I have done website branding and logo creation, computer wallpaper, photo re-touching, digital storage and am up for any challenge. I use an interview process that allows me to gain insight into what the client really wants. This allows me to minimize iterations and often results in my ultimate goal, getting it right the first time.