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I have been in web development since 1993 when I developed the first ISO 9000 Certified Quality Control Documentation Intranet system for amdahl corp. (Fujitsu America). Since then I have directly, or as a contractor, developed and managed web sites for:

  • Duke University & Duke Medical Center - Human Resources
  • Duke Temporary Services
  • Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club
  • North Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources - Dept. of Forestry
  • University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) - Math Dept.
  • Durham, NC County - Mental Health Services
  • Orange County, NC Habitat for Humanity
  • Centers for Disease Control - Sharps Injury Prevention
  • White House Council on Youth Violence Prevention
  • Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association (NiPERA)
  • Colorado Championship Ranch Rodeo
  • and small businesses such as:

My philosophy is: Content is king. A site should load fast, be clear in it's message, easy to navigate, provide a value to the visitor and pleasing to the eye.

Feel free to contact me.